22 Mar 2019
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free protection suites

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Unless the computer use for the sake of the business is negligible, a free antivirus program might not make a lot of sense, especially since its use may place it outside the licensing agreements. On the flip side, home office machines that also double as home computers for family use may indeed benefit from these free protection suites. This makes them most apropos for freelancing stay at home moms, start up businesses and also the kinds of home offices that support a business venture that largely relies on hands on field work..

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No matter what type of assignment you have as a graduate teaching assistant, you should schedule regular times throughout the week during which you will be available for “walk in” students who have questions or need extra help. After deciding on these hours, let your students know when they will be. Also, post the hours on your office door or on your desk if you share an office with several other GTAs.

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