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Wholesale Replica Bags Teacher who looked at porn on his school laptop avoids banRobert Walker used school equipment to look at explicit imagesA professional conduct panel heard that Walker was a PE teacher at Melbourn Village College when it was discovered, during a routine school IT check in January last year, replica bags wholesale in divisoria that he had been viewing the images in his own time.’Twinks’ Some of the websites involved referred to ‘twinks’, an American term used for males who are over 18 years of age but appear younger, the hearing was told.The school reported the incident to the police, who were called to search Walker’s home and IT equipment, but no charges were brought.The teacher, who had been at the school since 2006, admitted searching for and viewing the images over a period of two years. He has since been dismissed from his post following an internal investigation.’I will not be venturing down that avenue again’ In a statement to the disciplinary hearing he said: “I can assure anyone who needs to know that I will not be venturing down that avenue again.”The panel said it felt Walker had “shown sufficient insight into his own behaviour”, and added it took into account his previous behaviour, including the good GCSE grades gained by his students and his role organising various school trips.It said Walker “had shown poor judgement in his behaviour” but was mindful of the fact that he had co operated fully with the school’s investigation into the incident.Read MoreRuling that no sanctions would be put in place, Dawn Dandy, on behalf of the secretary of state for education, said: “The nature and severity of the behaviour is at the least serious end of the possible spectrum.”Therefore, in light of the mitigating factors that were present in this case, the panel has determined that a recommendation for a prohibition order will not be appropriate in this case.”The panel was mindful that the viewing of legal adult pornography is replica bags sydney not an offence, it is https://www.ereplicasbags.com the fact that Mr Walker did so on a school laptop which is inappropriate.Facebook is asking users share their naked photos to tackle revenge porn”While I recognise that the use of a school laptop was inappropriate, I have concluded that in light of the circumstances in this case and, in particular, that no offence or safeguarding issues have been found, a prohibition order is not proportionate and in the public interest in order to achieve the aims which a prohibition order is intended to achieve.”Melbourn Village College is part of the Cam Academy Trust, which also includes Cambourne and Comberton Village Colleges.A spokesperson from Cam Academy Trust said: “All our schools insist on very high standards and as a result we have a proven track record in delivering an excellent standard of education within a safe and enjoyable environment for all students. Safeguarding is our highest priority and we have robust procedures in place to tackle any allegations quickly and effectively Wholesale Replica Bags.

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