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Canada Goose Parka Down by seven with two minutes to go, Maurice Bolden hit back to back three pointers to pull the Bolts to within one 97 96 with 1:31 on the clock.Marcus Capers, who led the Lightning (12 14) with 21 points, hit two foul shots to tie the game at 98 after Bruce Massey made one of two free throws for the Highlanders.Capers energy and drive were crucial for the Bolts, especially in the third quarter, and he also made the defensive rebound with six seconds to play canada official website goose langford black friday that set up Williamson winning basket.Bolden, who was having a rough night, going six for canada goose vest uk 17 from the floor, put the Lightning ahead 100 98 with 17.8 seconds left, but Tanner Giddings knotted it up on a layup five seconds later.really made sure that he was aggressive with everything he did, Etherington said of Bolden. Had a lot of good energy. He was being a captain tonight Canada Goose Parka.

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