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Replica Bags Such a solution is dated and simply wouldn’t allow for the significant growth that Greater Cambridge is due to experience. This report makes clear that more buses and bus ways simply isn’t the answer to the transport challenges Greater Cambridge faces.James Palmer has welcomed the report’s findings”We deserve a first class transport solution. This report makes clear that either the proposed (Cambridge Autonomous Metro) CAM option or light rail would attract far more demand and offer far greater benefits than other options.’Cambridge needs to break the taboo of congestion charging'”I am glad that the report clearly backs the need for tunnelling and the potential for land value capture (LVC) to make a significant contribution to funding the project.”The Cambridgeshire Area Metro, backed by the report, is an exciting option and replica bags blog one that could revolutionise public transport provision in Cambridgeshire.”It would create new transport corridors bringing forward the possibility for new growth and would also enable people to get around our county far more easily.Could “driverless trains” be an option? This tram like vehicle was tested in China in October 2017″The CAM system is also very deliverable with the report stating that initial services could start as early as 2021 with the full network being ready by 2025.”. Replica Bags

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